Easy Hairstyles for Women

Easy hairstyles for women that involve an edgier look can be both sexy and low maintenance. This article explains how to achieve a more alternative look and how simple these hairstyles are to maintain, just be prepared to turn heads with these high fashion looks.

Choppy and Edgy Easy Hairstyles

For easy hairstyles that feature the choppy, textured look, wash and dry hair before styling. Once your hair is dry, use a styling glue or wax and pull your hair in the position you desire. Using wax or pomade will allow you to play with your hair later on, if you feel like touching it up.

hollywood waves hairstyle

A short and shaggy layered cut with bangs is perfect for heart shaped or round faces. To style apply a smoothing product and use a flat iron. Make sure your hair is completely dry before you begin using the flat iron and then finish up the look by applying a medium hold hairspray for extra polish.

Razor cut layered easy hairstyles are very trendy right now. Short razor cut layers and full bangs will give your style an asymmetrical look. Ideal for any face shape and perfect for women with longer faces. The asymmetry in the front of the head and the longer bangs will help to confuse the eye and make a longer face appear to be shorter. Adding touches of wild hair color can really make this look pop.

To style, apply a heat protecting product before you begin blow drying. Use a flat iron in order to smooth out any waves and apply pomade for textured styling.

Textured and Chic Hairstyles

A chic and smooth layered cut is very sophisticated and can be styled in several different ways. This cut looks amazing on women who have an oval shape to their face.

how to style your hairA fun and cute layered style with imperfect layers and random curls make this an interesting look. To style use a voluminous mouse while your hair is still damp.  Use a round brush when blow drying for extra volume and smoothness. Use a curling iron and create soft curls around your face, sweeping your bangs off to one side. Finish off the look using a mild hold hairspray.

A natural wavy short layered cut is easy to maintain and has a romantic look to it. To style simply blow dry and add mousse to damp hair.

The pixie cut is one of the most popular easy hairstyles for women out there. A super short cut that has a lot of texture to it requires hardly any styling and a small amount of pomade to improve the texture.

Modern layers and lengths involve incorporating different length layers in order to create a more structured and whimsical style.  To style this cut, while your hair is still damp, apply a small amount of volumizing mousse. Blow dry your hair using a round brush. Instead of rolling your hair away from the face, roll the hair forward. Use a firm styling wax to hold your hair in place.

Cute hairstyles for short and long hair

There are a number of cute hairstyles you can choose from and your decision should be based on whether you’re willing to spend the extra time on your hair each morning, your age and the shape of your face. This article takes a look at cute hairstyles for short and long hair, some of which are high maintenance, while others will take you a few minutes to style in the morning.

Low Maintenance Cute Hairstyles

A polished full bodied bob is currently one of the top cute hairstyles due to it being so low maintenance, while also being flattering for any type of face shape. The polished full bodied bob is a full asymmetrical bob that falls softly over the frame of the face and features subtle bangs. This cute hairstyle can significantly help to lighten up the facial area.

gibson cut

If you color your hair, this cut also makes it easier to manage. To keep your hair color looking fresh at all times, schedule your color treatments closer together, especially if you color your hair to mask the gray. Having dirty roots can make your new cute hairstyle look washed out and cheap.

Hairstyles that are very short in the back, with more length on the top and in the front are sexy and low maintenance. In the morning, blow dry your hair using a volumizing mousse on wet hair, and root boosting serum. Style your hair using a round brush, which aids in providing volume. Use a flat iron to smooth the ends out and mask any split ends. The shorter hairstyle will help your hair to keep volume and the hair will lift easily without much backcombing.

To keep the volume and shape of your hair looking more natural, use a light or medium hold hairspray, so it won’t come off looking too stiff.

The Pixie Cut: In Five Minutes or Less

A sexy pixie cut is a low maintenance cute hairstyle that works for any age. Short pieces all over help to minimize styling time. To style, wash and dry hair, applying product throughout the hair, styling with your fingers.

flipped out bob

For a chic hairstyle that’s easy to do and low maintenance for any type of short cut, smooth out the hair using a flat iron. Shape the pieces in the desired direction and use a small amount of pomade to pull through ends and finish with a light mist if hairspray. Be sure to always use a heat protection product for any type of style that requires a flat iron or blow dryer, especially if your hair is chemically treated.

Flipped out bobs feature both volume and a ton of texture, which makes this cute hairstyle fun. To accomplish this style, use a flat iron, in order to flip out the ends. Using a light wax paste or a similar type of styling product will help the keep the definition in the different pieces of hair. For texture that is more permanent, tell your hair stylist to undercut the hair.

For a textured out haircut, bangs will do the job, keeping the hairstyle itself looking grounded and smooth. When the hair is dry, pull a texturizing product, such as hair glue or pomade, through the end pieces. Use a flat iron on your bangs and a few pieces of top for a little bit of smoothness.

When it comes to heavy duty products such as pomade, less is more. Start by using a small amount and should you need more, apply as needed. If you start out by using too much product you might need to wash your hair and start over.

Sexy Hairstyles for Long Hair

curly updo

There can be nothing sexier than long, thick curly hair. To get long cascading curls with a high shine, begin by washing and deep conditioning your hair. Dry your hair using a round brush and use a large curling iron, alternating three inch sections, rolling your hair around the barrel in one direction and repeat again in another direction. Doing this will help to create a rippling effect. Once you’ve finished, spray everything with a medium hold hairspray.

If your hair is really flat and you want to add some volume, consider adding a few layers. If you haven’t seen a stylist, to achieve a more volumized look, use a curling iron and roll three inch sections halfway up the curling iron barrel. Big loose curls will equal more volume. Spray your hair with a low to medium hold hairspray. Use your fingers and go through the curls, pulling them out so that they turn into long, loose ripples. Be sure to tell your hair stylist how you wear your hair naturally so that they can give you the cut you need, based on how you part your hair. Be sure to deep condition your hair, overnight. Deep conditioning your hair can help by providing an extra dose of moisture.

Long Wavy Hairstyles for women

Long Wavy Hairstyles are Intriguing


Why not get the 2011 popular long wavy hairstyles this season? For many women, getting that long wavy hairstyle requires spending hours in a beauty salon getting just the right style to have that “natural” wave look. Some women are lucky and born with thick, wavy hair, and never know the lengths that their straight-haired sisters suffer to obtain that good-natured, sexy, fun, and youthful appearing hairstyle.


Women who have oval-shaped faces can certainly wear their hair long and wavy; however, for women who have pear-shaped or square-shaped faces, long wavy hairstyles are absolutely the most flattering. Long hair that is set in a longer, curvy style is not the most flattering on women who have diamond, round, or heart-shaped faces.

Getting the Waves

Image result for long wavy hairstyles

For women who yearn for long wavy hairstyles, but have straight hair with no wave to it, there are several options for getting that preferable look. One way is to use a large curling iron because it is a simple, easy to carry, and affordable way to create a glamorous look of long loose curls. Another method is hot curlers, which produce the desired volume and bounce. The final recommendation is a body wave which uses chemicals to permanently (or at least until the hair grows out and the wave is no longer lasting) achieve the preferred wavy look. For some women the permanent can last only six to eight weeks because their hair grows so rapidly; others will have the desired wavy look for six months to a year since their hair barely grows. For the later, this is great because perms can get expensive.


For many women who prefer long wavy hairstyles, it is preferred because the women feel young and appealing; perhaps even revealing the desire for a completely non-conventional lifestyle – a longing for independence from societal norms; to free the spirit from the expectation of “growing up”. This style is easily maintained, get up, run fingers through it and go – the most desirable dresses for the bohemian free-spirited woman.


Long wavy hairstyles sometimes indicate a bohemian nature; however, for many, the wavy tresses insinuate the wearer is free-spirited and non-conventional.