New hairstyles inspired by Vintage Looks

Today, new hairstyles for women have been inspired by vintage looks from the classic beauties of the past. From bobs to the infamous Gibson cut, Hollywood glam plays a big part in new hairstyles and this article will explain how you can get these hot looks and the right way to maintain them.

New Hairstyles: The Gibson Girl

vintage hairstyles

The Gibson girl was a trendy hairstyle in the 1890s. This look consists of a textured and frothy, yet angelic look that’s perfect for today’s woman. To achieve this look, spray on a texturizing product and blow dry. Start at the bottom and work your way towards the top, teasing one inch sections of the hair starting at the root, then follow up with a flat iron. Make sure you spray each section using a heat protecting spray. Brush out your hair using a soft bristle brush. Finish this look by sweeping your hair to the top of your head and loosely gather it, pinning it in place using bobby pins. Typically, this style works for most face shapes and helps to significantly bulk upper finer textured hair.

New hairstyles that are in today wouldn’t be considered complete without a refined pixie cut. This short cropped hairstyle has made a big comeback in Hollywood.

Begin by getting a cut from a professional stylist. This new hairstyle is best when cut with either a razor or texturizing scissors, in order to create a softer more feminine feel. To style just use a small amount of thickening cream on damp hair. Comb the hair into place and allow it to air dry. Use your fingers to style.

Old Hollywood Made New Again

iconic bob

Old Hollywood waves for new hairstyles is one of the most requested looks from celebs on the red carpet. To accomplish this style, build up body in your hair by blow drying and applying mousse to damp hair. Curl two inch sections around a two inch barrel curling iron, clipping each curl as you go. Allow your hair to cool down before removing the clips. Brush hair smoothly using a soft bristle brush.

When you think of a blonde bombshell, odds are Marilyn Monroe comes to mind. This type of iconic look can be achieved on long hair with the help of a few bobby pins. To style it, curl your hair using a one inch barrel curling iron. Curl in horizontal sections, clipping each curl as you go and allow the curls to cool. Brush your hair using a soft bristle brush and allow the hair to naturally form into waves. For really long hair, twist up the hair and pin it using bobby pins, in order to create a faux bob.